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Black Stax and Friends: 20Years

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Public eye

Black Stax x Barry Johnson Full


Now Available ‘MOVEMENT MUSIC’ the EP


    cover Art by Chris Brummel, images courtesy of Meg Stacker & Avi Loud

Black Stax is back with Vol 2: Producer Series. ‘Movement Music’ the ep is Produced by Rob Banks Beats. Its a 5-song collection that Features NEW MUSIC from Black Stax with special appearances by UK emcee Cyclonious and songtress LaTanya ‘Sistah Luv’ Horace. This should wet your appetite for ‘Movement Music’ the Album (LIVE)


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Breaking BS Podcast with new tracks for ya!

Check out Flava News Presents: Online Radio by Flava News Radio | Blog Talk Radio for any and all NEW music from us in out feature show, “Breaking BS.”

Breaking BS episode 1

Lady Flava of  Flava News introduces a new radio show especially for us and is the first place you can hear news and new music leaks from us.  On this installment of “Breaking BS” Jace Ecaj speaks  about Seattle hip hop and confirms plans to release some new music hot from our “Creative Kitchen.”  Also, Lady Flava features this weeks leak, “Abandoned,”  produced by Raw Fingers Recorded & Mixed at ATB by Rob Castro. Take a peak into the mind-state of Jace Ecaj, and learn ‘where’s the Love’ in Seattle hip hop.

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